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April 30, 2008
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Leopardish kinda screenie by PoulNyrup Leopardish kinda screenie by PoulNyrup
Hi Folks,

Funny how the mind works: I thought I'd got the so-called perfect Leopard system up and running, with the right Leopard icons, skins, themes, bells & whistles etc. Then I went "Aaarrgghhh!!!", rushed out, found mattahan's absolutely gorgeous icon pack "Buuf Deuce", installed the iconpackager, and reflected a few of his png's for my rocketdock. I haven’t regretted it since…:)

Several times while piecing this together I said to myself “F**k this, I’m gonna uninstall everything and go back to XP Luna”… Ok - enough ranting, here’s the situation:

Shell remake: Chris Kite's FlyaKite OSX 3.5, reshacking by editing Resources folder & force-updating… [link]

1. Iconpackager theme & FindeXer icons: Buuf Deuce from mattahan / Nick Quaranto [link]
2. Firefox skin: VFoxFINDER2 Firefox Skin by VSDigital [link]
3. WindowBlinds: Taking neodesktop’s Leopard Glass 3.0 theme [link] as a starting point, I have taken bits & pieces from:

a. mrrste’s Leopard V [link] (scrollbars)
b. eamon63’s Leopard inspired xp wb PLUS [link] (special folder backgrounds)
c. Flahorn’s Jadaero 1.4 [link] (animations)
Blitzr’s Mac OS X Leopard 2.11 Final [link] (some font settings and other stuff)
d. VSDigital’s FF skin (lovely gradient-highlight of selected text)

4. Rocketdock: GooBack’s RTYR theme [link] (port of esXXI’s OSX RTYR Dock), Indicators (modded for Rocketdock) are also from GooBack (same link). Icons are Buuf Deuce [link] reflected with SirSmiley’s iReflector [link] The Microsoft Office Icon Pack is from cyberchaos05 [link] Stacks are as always Matonga’s Leopard Stacks Docklet [link]
5. Winamp: LlamaSutra from elralfaro [link] CAD skin: CarDboART Sleeve from OtisBee [link] (“Svantes Viser” is, by the way, one of the greatest Danish albums ever made... :))
6. ObjectBar: Taking RaatsGui’s Quicklook-inspired OB theme [link] as a starting point, I’ve nicked stuff from NanaJ [link] Gotier [link] , Shiftedx [link] & of course chaodam [link] “Finder” has Lucida Grande Bold, “File”…”Help” has Lucida Grande, the font in the drop-down menus is Consolas, and the font of the time/date is Gotham (a change/font we can believe in :D). The little icon to the right of “Finder” is a drop-down menu for some workplace app’s…
7: Explorer tabs: QTTabBar & QTAddressBar by Quizo [link] (only wussies need back/forward/up/down buttons… ;))
8. Explorer sidebar: FindeXer from alianyn [link] (don’t know if the famous update will ever materialize, but works fine for me…;)
9. Wallpaper: I use Stratification’s Dramatic Room PSD [link] (looks great with the RTYR dock), then throw my favourite wallpapers into it. At the moment, it’s manicho’s Plastic Stripes Arena [link]
10. Zoom Player: Leopard Quictime skin from RaatsGui [link] (Flight of the Conchords = Pure Class ;))
11. Cursor theme (slightly modded): Graphite Cursor theme by teft [link]
12. Font rendering: I’m trying out GDI++ (Find it @ Aqua-soft [link]). Web browsing looks magnificent, but using it for Office 2007 apps isn’t that great. Still tinkering with the effects…
13. Desktop Info by Glenn Delahoy [link] - a nice little app that uses about 6 MB, runs at low priority and displays on the desktop all the PC info you need to know at a glance. Works fine with dual processors as well…
14. USB Disk Ejector from “Quick and Easy Software” [link] (added as a shortcut to ObjectBar). I’ve often before had problems ejecting USB’s from OB, but this does the job pretty nicely (only for USB’s though, not other disk types)
15. Resize windows by Laszlo for Autohotkey [link] (compiled to .exe and run from startup): Using a lap-top, I often switch from my 1680*1050 screen at work to working on the lap-top screen (1280*800) itself. Being of slightly anal nature, I like all my windows to fall precisely on top of each other so as not to clutter up the screen. This app starts with Win+W (or whatever you want). You simply press the number of the window size you’ve configured in Autohotkey & the window snaps into the desired shape and position relative to the current screen settings.

Thanks to kinsemon/eamon63 & gvsb for their helpful advice @ HGUI...

Well, that's it. Happy skinning!

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pk1st Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist Interface Designer
That description makes my eyes go crazy ! :D btw, nice shots !
beverb Featured By Owner May 18, 2011
chugrafitt Featured By Owner May 7, 2011   Digital Artist
hi men icons please :D good nice :D
iThemeCreator Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
Du er Dansker??
Samme her:)
DK33 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
Great stuff. Nice icons.
PoulNyrup Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
Thank you. :)
u124040 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009
Well that's a lot of customisation. It looks great !
One question. What font settings do you have on Rocketdock including shadow and outline values in the settings. Thanks
PoulNyrup Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2009
Thanks for your comment... :)

Regarding my rocketdock set-up: There's no text (except in the Stacks function, which is simple Lucida Grande... Are you sure you're referring to the Rocketdock...? :confused:
2Cool4Mac Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2008
A lot of work here ;) Nice setup mate !

Could you share the babe pic and the muscle car please?
Shiftedx Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
Wow this is an amazing theme for windows, Great job instant favorite, thanks for giving out credit :D

Did you design this around XP or Vista? I may have to make a small partition just to check it out lol.
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